How It Works

DNA is the most effective method for solving crimes and now it is quickly becoming the most powerful tool to clean up dog poop.

The process is very simple, just like you see on every TV crime show. Using a special cotton swab simply collect a sample of each dogs saliva and mail it back to our lab using the envelope provided in the kit.

Back at our own DNA lab, each sample is processed and analyzed to create a DNA fingerprint of each dog that can be used later to identify the dog if an "incident" does occur.

Our process includes chemical DNA extraction, quantitation, polymerase chain reaction and capillary electrophoresis to create digital data that is imported into our CRIME LAB database.


POOP & RUN Incidents

When you are the victim of a "Poop And Run", you simply collect a small sample of the dog poop using the collection kit we provide, shake it up using our "DNA Evidence Homogenizer" or as we call it, the dog poop shaker. Then drop it in the return envelope provided and mail it back to our lab.

Once again we perform our DNA magic, just like you have seen on TV.

Then using our proprietary CRIME LAB database we can match the dog poop with the previously collected saliva samples, telling us exactly who the poopetrator is of that "Poop and Run".

Finally allowing you to fine or punish the criminal as needed.

We make it all very simple and easy. That is why CRIME LAB is the most effective program for managing the dog poop problems at apartment complexes, condominiums, HOA's or shared properties. Once residents realize they cannot get away with committing the crime, the dog poop is no longer a problem. Just imagine, a completely dog poop free community!


We work with each customer to create the perfect solution for their needs. We will need to provide continued updates and services as new residents arrive, online tracking of pets and pet owners as well as all the tools and support you need to run an effective program with the least effort.

Call us today to discuss what you need, such as how many DNA kits, the number of expected return shipments, quantities of dog poop collection kits and anything else you think you might need. Then we can put together the supplies to get started.

STOP Dog Poop Criminals
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Dog poop DNA testing $35/dog

Poop And Run DNA Investigations Only $50/incident

More About Us

For more information about our program and our company please visit our website and check out the extent of our programs and services and why we are such a great partner in the battle against those dog poop criminals.

Crime Lab services are available throughout the continental US though our mail order kits. However, our clean up services are only available in the Tampa Florida area.

CRIME LAB™ is a trademark of Mr Dog Poop Inc, accept no imitators or copy cats. Mr Dog poop Inc is fully licensed and insured and is the only animal waste disposal service in the USA operating a functional DNA lab for the purpose of matching dog DNA with their own poop.